Definition of an expert- Someone from out of town

In Feb. 2008 I received an email from a promoter saying he was asked to hire us for a festival in Spain. We played that festival Sept. 12, 2008, going on at 2 A.M. to a crowd of about 1800 people- our biggest show to date. The organizers, a Harley club in Castellon, said we were very well known and popular there, and assumed that we had roadies and flew to all of our gigs. We each got our own hotel room, and were constantly asked if we needed anything.

Conversely, the two clubs closest to my house in Boulder County, Colorado are not interested in having us play there.

In the 90’s we’d tour California, get good gigs and turnouts, so I moved there in early 2004. Once I lived there it was much harder to book gigs there. Since I moved back to Colorado in 2007 I am constantly contacted to play there.

This past summer I took a tour booking class with Jeri Goldstein.  Our tours in the 90’s were much more profitable than our tours this past year, and I wanted to examine my modus operandi.  The conclusion I have come to is that I am better off flying into an area to play a Fri.-Sat.-Sun. with a local bassist and drummer than to put a band in a van and be struggling like crazy to find shows  Monday through Thursdays in secondary markets. A lot of Jazz players tour this way.


3 Responses to “Definition of an expert- Someone from out of town”

  1. John Says:

    “The two clubs closest …” Hmm. One of them might be a place that starts with N? One of the biggest wastes of musical space in metro Denver. All I do is listen and I have been consistently put off and/or disappointed by them and their stale whitebread tastes.

  2. Kathy Says:

    ‘no prophet is well received in his own land’

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