Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight….

The video is Paul Pigat at VLV last April.

I got an Iphone back in March, and after getting the hang of it I can’t imagine using a regular phone again. I haven’t tried a Droid, but I have used Apple computers exclusively for the last 5 years and have been very happy. It does need to run multiple apps, though. That can’t be too far away.

Of course people ignore their email now, text is the status quo. But I got pitched twice in the last week to get my own Iphone app.  I can see that. so now I better research that. I really don’t like AT&T,

and Iphone is at best mediocre as a phone, but I only want to carry one chunk in my pocket. Then again a text makes a noise and springs up on the screen- is the Iphone App going to do that?


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