CyberPr’s Nine week blogging contest-week 1

I have had a hectic year touring, doing the booking, PR, web updating, and band personnell management, and just as I was reflecting in October Ariel Hyatt’s free Musician’s Guide to social media success was released. It reminded me of the things I needed to do on the internet, so I purchased her Music success in 9 weeks book and decided that I was going to go through it and implement the recommendations. I am an old-school gigger, and that has become incredibly inefficient.

Chapter 1 is goal setting. “What the mind can believe, it can achieve”- Napoleon Hill. “You’ll see it when you believe it.”-Wayne Dyer.  This first part of the book is familiar, as I have heard these ideas expressed in other places. So I wrote down my goals. I did this for the first time on Oct. 16, 1994, and achieved all but one- I still need to lose some weight. But the rest I have surpassed.


4 Responses to “CyberPr’s Nine week blogging contest-week 1”

  1. Carla Lynne Hall Says:

    Hey Chuck!

    I’m on Ariel’s Music Success judging panel, and wanted to stop by and say hello. We actually met last year at one of Ariel’s events – I think Ariel even has photos on her flick page 😉

    PS – I love your reworking of Hugh MacLeod’s “Ignore Everybody”. I’m a fan of his too!

    Good luck with the contest!


    • hillbillyhellcats Says:

      I must have a twin- I’ve never been to one of Ariel’s events. However, I replied to an article you wrote about 5 yeqrs ago when you said to conquer your own home town first. I played Devil’s advocate citing Dylan and others who moved near the beginning of their career.
      I like everything Hugh says except the day job. Then again, unlike him, I’ve never had one I’ve liked. Updating web 2.0 daily is my day job! haha

  2. Christina Says:


    Read your week 1 but you haven’t blogged since then. How is it going with the book?

    (Cyber PR Team)

    • hillbillyhellcats Says:

      I got stuck on week two- thinking of a short description of our music. I didn’t like anything I came up with. After I got stuck, I got sidetracked, booking, travelling, publicizing, finding personnel.

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