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My translation of Hugh MacLeod’s “Ignore Everybody”

January 4, 2010

Hugh MacLeod's "Ignore Everybody"

Here is my off-the-cuff totally subjective translation of how Hugh’s 40 ideas apply to my music carreer-
1. Don’t worry about what others say or think.

2. Be as original as you can so others won’t give you advice.

3. Don’t think you have to write the next “Sgt. Pepper”

4. That crazy idea for your next group of tunes that you keep thinking about is the right one.

5. You don’t need a publisher or a record company.

6. Don’t over-analyze, get it done.

7. Don’t think about what will sell, say what you have to say.

8. Keep your current source of income while you are creating your next project.

9. Keep you own culture as creative as you can.

10. Climb your mountain-not someone else’s.

11. Your Squire Strat and free laptop recording program are all the gear you need.

12 Play Austin when there’s no music festival going on.

13. Discover what is unique in how you do you music, what it is about, or to whom it speaks.

14. Play the cover pick up gig for $100 if you need the money, but play your originalswhere you won’t feel pressure to change them.

15. Live to gig another day.

16. When the gig is not right, be willing to walk away, politely.

17. Hang out with people who can teach you something.

18. Remember passion- what yours is, and who expresses it to you.

19. Don’t spend much time thinking about how the gigging scene used to be better.

20. Sing you own song in your own way.

21. LP, CD, MP3, Album, EP, Single-media is always changing.

22. Say what you must- don’t dumb it down.

23. You are your own most important audience.

24. Don’t worry if it will sell- no one ever knows.

25. Set an appointment to write.The inspiration will follow.

26. Keep at it while you’re looking for your own angle.

27. Write what resonates for you-don’t think of the listener.

28 Don’t ask anyone what they think of your work.

29 Be authentic- don’t seek awards or recognition.

30. There will be a price to pay-be willing to pay it.

31. There will be chaos in creativity- embrace it.

32. Most musicians’ best work was done when they were broke. Bling is a burden.

33.Your songs and shows will change as you change.

34.It is one thing to not pursue luxuries, but it is another to have a bed, food, health,transportation, and a space to create.

35. Most musicians had way more fun in their garage band than in their top 40 six-nighter band.

36. You are most free when you are not famous. Appreciate it.

37. Write your blog, post your songs. Those who like them will hang around.

38. There is as much satisfaction in one person’s appreciation of your work as their is in a whole room of people shouting and stomping their feet.

39. You made your CD, toured, sold quite a few- now what?

40. It will be costly to follow the muse, but you will never have to wonder “what if?”